Poker & Corporate Team Building – a perfect pair!

Did you ever think that corporate team building and Poker would go hand in hand?

Neither did we!

Last year we got a call from one of our regular clients. They were planning a team building workshop but were looking for something truly unique but also entertaining.

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This email came in while Carol was on a flight but she took full advantage of the on board WiFi and got to work. While we have loads of great options in our portfolio, for this client we needed something that was up to this point unheard of, unique and entertaining. Queue light bulb moment – Carol thought of Caspar Berry.

Who is Caspar Berry?

Caspar Berry corporate team building entertainment

Caspar is a keynote and motivational speaker and trainer who uses the metaphor of poker to inspire corporate team building audiences to make better decisions in all areas of their lives. He makes complex subjects accessible, relevant and fun while still having huge implications for delegates’ productivity, efficiency and innovation.

“Understanding how we make decisions and deal with risk can make us all better at what we do. The fundamentals of risk and decision making cut to the heart of the ways in which we allocate resources, plan our time, do more with less and maximise the returns from all of our investments in life”

As a professional poker player – and poker advisor on Casino Royale – managing risk formed a constant part of Caspar’s life for many years. Read full bio here>>

What Caspar Berry will do for you?

Let our clients do the talking here:

‘Caspar Berry, a previous professional poker player and a speaker is exceptionally talented in helping management teams to assess risk and make smart, risk calculated decisions.

Using the forum of fast paced, interactive talks with intermittent periods of poker playing, the management team left the experience having learned more about their management style and what changes they need to make to embrace the future business challenges.

Caspar is ideal for competitive and business focused companies. We will no doubt be using Caspar again in the near future.’

Are you convinced that poker and corporate team building are a good pair for your team?

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