Oliver Callan launches The Lyons Tea ‘Get it Off Your Chest’ Survey

Comedian and impressionist Oliver Callan was on hand to help the general public tell their juiciest confessions at The Lyons Truth Booth which has been touring the country ahead of National Honesty Day, encouraging the nation to get things off their chest over a comforting cup of Lyons.

The Lyons Tea Get it Off Your Chest Survey was also published to coincide with National Honesty Day.

Lyons Tea, who have been putting the talk into Ireland’s favourite daily tipple for decades, announced the results of a new survey exposing what the Irish public really think when it comes to ‘fessing up, with a whopping 80% revealing that the best way to get something off their chest is over a nice cup of tea.

We’re renowned as a nation for keeping things to ourselves and this new study from Lyons Tea has dug a little deeper into finding out why. 29% of us admitted that mother dearest is the hardest person to confess to, 16% would never tell their partner or spouse, 31% have said that they would dread to confess something to their boss and 12% would never dream of confessing to their siblings or work colleagues. Just under a third (27%) of us claim that lack of confidence is the reason we keep things to ourselves while just under 40% said that they’d rather sweep something under the carpet than face it head on.

Lyons Tea has been investigating the Irish public’s honesty, or lack thereof! A third of survey respondents have confessed that they frequently leave a party unannounced, a locally renowned exit strategy that has been fondly referred to as an ‘Irish Exit’.

When asked what their most frequent lies to avoid a sticky situation are, respondents voted:

Feigning that I don’t feel well and have a headache (34%)

Saying that you can’t go out tonight because you can’t find a babysitter (16%)

Going up the road for a few pints but not heading ‘out’ out (15%)

Another topic that’s splitting respondents is whether they would even confess to someone in the first place. While 40% find confrontation a part of everyday life, a surprisingly high 38% find it terrifying or too uncomfortable to face.

Confessions that are food for thought!

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