NEW Comedy Improv Workshop ‘Learn Through Laughter’

Learn through laughter will get your staff involved with everyone on an equal footing, treated as a team.

The workshops will take your team on a journey of exercises and games which will focus on listening, watching, adapting engaging and communicating all while laughing away in a relaxed atmosphere. Using techniques that are used to teach the top comedians in the World how to think on their feet + react quickly to what is happening in the room.

Team building through comedy improv workshops can be beneficial to a company in many ways. Improv comedy encourages collaboration and problem-solving, which can help spark creative and innovative solutions to everydayComedy Improve Workshop challenges. Improv allows employees to practice quick thinking and learn how to be comfortable with the unexpected, which is an important skill for any workplace. Furthermore, laughter and fun are essential for boosting morale and can help to create a more positive work environment.

Improv also encourages people to think outside the box and practice risk-taking, helping them to become better communicators and to become more willing to take on challenges. It encourages people to think on their feet and come up with ideas quickly and collaboratively, which can often be a great asset in the workplace. Improv comedy can also help to develop relationships and build trust between colleagues, helping them to become a more cohesive team. Improv comedy workshops can be highly valuable tools for team building and are a great way to engage employees in a positive, fun, and creative manner. By encouraging collaboration and creativity, while also helping to break down barriers and build trust, these workshops can help to strengthen the dynamics of a team and can help to create a more productive and collaborative workplace.

Improvisation is a fun yet powerful way to release your creative potential in a fun and supportive environment! 

Hosted by award winning comedians Barry Murphy and Ian Coppinger.

Book now to avoid disappointment and guarantee laughter.


To book the Learn Through Laughter Workshop for your event or to talk to us about your event requirements, either submit the enquiry form, email us: or call us on 01 235 2570.


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