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Murder Mystery Dinner Party


Our murder mystery event is a really fun packed, dramatic and truly interactive evening. The event takes place as you wine and dine.


How it works

The event itself works like this; first of all, our professional actors will greet you and your guests in character from the moment you enter the venue. This immediately absorbs the guests into the world and the plot of what is about to unfold.

At the opening of the show, once the characters have been established and have met the guests, the murder itself occurs in very theatrical circumstances. Various scenes are then acted out at intervals during the evening hinting at who the killer might be. In the meantime, characters mingling with guests during the evening will be dropping pieces of information, some of which may be vital to the case and some of which may be just to put them off the scent.

The guests will work in teams, competing against each other to try to help the detective establish who the killer is!

This is a very entertaining and light-hearted event with the emphasis on interaction, fun and a little bit of good detective work! The event will feature experienced professional actors, who have extensive resumes in Theatre, TV and Film.


How the event runs

  • The Murder Mystery can be a dinner or cocktail party event.
  • Our professional actors greet your guests in character at the start of the event and immediately set up the story for the evening ahead.
  • The actors mingle and dine in character with the guests throughout the evening
  • Clues are brought in by a series of unusual characters as the night progresses accompanied by an entertaining occurrence each time such as a forensics experiment, a spooky sceance and other weird and wonderful happenings!
  • The actors will help and hinder the guests throughout the fun filled evening by dropping pieces of information, some vital and some deliberately placed to put people off the scent.
  • In teams, the guests must use their detective skills to establish who the murderer is by the time we get to dessert!


We have the knowledge and experience to provide a hugely entertaining and interactive experience for your team. We know how to bring your guests together in a fun, hilarious and entertaining way while at the same time ensuring that they work together to come up with a solution to the mystery. 

We recommend a loosely Mobsters and Molls themed scenario for your evening primarily because we find it’s the best way to get your guests actively engaging with the event – it’s easy to be a gangster!!!

‘Who killed Don Ballsini!?’ – Our ‘Gangster and Molls’ themed murder mystery

Like they say in the old country, ‘What goes on in the family – stays in the family’ and tonight, things ain’t no different. The Don has called a dinner party for all the major families to announce his retirement, celebrate your birthday and, most importantly, nominate his heir……but there’s murder in the air! Your guests will be brought into a madcap world of caricature gangsters and other outlandish characters as they become part of a gangster’s plot and have to solve the case of who killed Don Fredo Ballsini?

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