Silent Headphone Disco

Silent Headphone Disco

Silent Headphone Disco

Silent Disco is a great entertainment alternative when you don’t want to bother neighbours while still enjoying loud, tasteful music with your staff and friends!

 From 5000 headsets @ Oxegen ’13, 2000 @ Electric Picnic to 30 headsets for private parties in back gardens. The number doesnt matter. What does matter is how they put your event together, and make your guests and patrons dance and sing for the whole gig.


They’ve been quietly rocking weddings for a decade, having done Ireland’s first Silent Wedding party 10 years ago. Since then they’ve run hundreds of wedding parties, building a unique understanding of what is needed to make every Bride and Grooms dream party – a packed dancefloor. They can bring lights, 2 DJ’s, a ‘Normal’ disco and even party games, depending on what way you want to build the party. We’ll also suggest ‘His n Hers’ playlists and channel battles, depending on your taste in each others music!


We have also noticed a trend in the past two years where we have been asked to create garden festivals, turning a back garden or patio into a nightclub or festival arena for a night, without making enemies of the neighbours, for 20-100 people.

Imagine being surrounded by hundreds of people all dancing and singing but apparently to no music. Imagine seeing and hearing a crowd of people singing two different songs at the same time.

Perfect for a small family get-together and for all private parties and corporate events. 

To book Silent Disco for your party or event or to talk to us about your event requirements, please submit the enquiry form or call us on 01 235 2570.



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