Síle Seoige Online Wellness Speaker

Síle Seoige Online Wellness Speaker

Síle Seoige Online Wellness Speaker

MC / Host

TV & Radio Broadcaster, Síle Seoige is a regular Host at awards events and ceremonies, and since the challenge of Covid 19 is in high demand for her Self Worth Talks and Meditation.

Síle is known as a true professional with a friendly, down to earth style,  Fluent in Irish, she has developed a wSile Seoige Wellness Talksealth of experience over the past 17 years in the business.  Her talks offer guidance and Take Home Tips to help restore  resilience and strength  in these difficult times.



Bring your awareness to your breath.
Slow it down and pause between the inhale and exhale.

Practice Gratitude

Move from thinking of what you don’t have, to what you do have.

Let Go

Surrender the need to understand when this will end and keep bringing it back to the present moment.


Walk, an online exercise class, dance around the kitchen…find your thing!
Being active releases the ‘feel good hormones’


Connect with others even if you can’t see them physically.
Check in with family and friends over the phone, sending a letter, Zoom/Skype etc

Sile Seoige Wellness Talks

Observe your self-talk

Is it positive or negative?


‘I AM’ are two of the most powerful words we can use because what we say afterwards shape our reality.
Choose wisely.
Why not try the following…

I am safe
I am healthy
I am strong
I am able
I am loved
I am enough


In silence or listen to a guided meditation…whatever works for you.
Simply observing your breath and being thankful is a meditation in itself.
It doesn’t have to take long or be complicated.
Give it a go.


How you behave all day long impacts your sleep at night.
Have I been drinking a lot of coffee?
Am I anxious?
Did I get out in the fresh air today?

Testimonial from Online Wellness talk:

‘Thanks for arranging.  It was really good.  Looking forward to follow up call’

‘This is great, thanks a million I really enjoyed this morning’s session, a lot of food for thought’

‘Great session today, well done for organising. I found her voice and presence quite calming and reassuring and she definitely demonstrated resilience and strength’

‘Sile was very good today – a nice break from over thinking everything ourselves’

‘Sile was excellent thanks so much for the opportunity , such a great support at this time’

‘Very engaging speaker’

‘Loved it’

Also thanks for organising today’s wellness talk it was great, Sile is a fantastic speaker to have gotten for it.


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