Remote Teambuilding Experiences

Remote Teambuilding Experiences

Remote Teambuilding Experiences

Remote Team Challenge

Remote Teambuilding Experiences

Your Team Kick-off event may be cancelled this year but you can still get the team connected and motivated. Our kick-off team building activities are specifically designed to boost morale and create connection while you are working together as a virtual team.

Anyone can be an innovator! Generate brilliant new ideas as a team in a creative remote environment!

How it Works – Choose From 4 GamesRemote Teambuilding Experiences

Option 1 : Go Remote 

Option 2 : Global Innovation Game

Option 3 : The Infinite Loop 

Option 4 :  Blockbusters 

How It Works 

Streaming live on your video conferencing platform, each participant uses their own smart device (Phone, Tablet). Virtual teams access our high-tech APP which powers the game play.

Go Remote

Remote Teambuilding ExperiencesThis interactive Quiz style challenge incorporates a range of creative, active, and cerebral style challenges. The key to success will be communication and of course strategy as teams race against the clock to complete as many challenges as possible!  

Remote Teambuilding Experiences        




Global Innovation

A remote team building activity that invites delegates to generate brilliant new ideas as a team in a creative environment.

Remote Teambuilding Experiences

Delegates are split into teams and must come together to create new innovative ideas. They must give a 90 second elevator pitch to the rest of their team. Teams must decide on their strongest innovation and work on their master pitch. All teams must then deliver these to a panel of judges in a Dragons Den style finale.

The Infinite Loop

In this team building activity, your team is called to help solve a special secret mission. The night before the game, a young man was trying on a new headset he bought and was suddenly absorbed into the virtual world of the game. Your team’s mission is to go back and forth between the virtual and real worlds, finding clues and solving puzzles in order to help the young man escape.

Remote Teambuilding ExperiencesOne at a time team members enter the virtual world and must describe what they see in the virtual world, while their teammates in the real world look for clues and solutions to unlock different doors of different rooms



Remote Blockbusters

Remote Teambuilding ExperiencesRemote BlockBusters challenges participants to translate your company’s business messages in to dynamic, attention grabbing movie trailers that cut through the clutter and capture the essence of the issue at  hand. After a short group briefing on Zoom, we will divide your group into teams of 3-5 pax and send them to a private breakaway room where they begin brainstorming a story line for their movie. They produce a storyboard of 8-10 scenes and choose a soundtrack. Then it’s all systems go to capture the scenes on their phones and upload them to our server where our editors make their Oscar winning movie.


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