Pat Divilly

Pat Divilly

Pat Divilly

Pat Divilly is a best selling author and corporate speaker from Galway who features regularly in print media, radio and TV sharing his knowledge of physical and mental fitness.

He has worked with some of the UK and Ireland’s best known companies in helping their staff increase productivity, wellness and ‘flow’. His most popular keynotes look at the areas of resilience, energy management and finding flow in business and life.

After struggling with his first personal training business in Dublin and moving home to Galway, Pat started a small fitness bootcamp on his local beach which quickly grew into the largest fitness community in the country.

Demand from outside of Galway for personal training led to Pat becoming one of the first Irish trainers to sell online personal training programs.

Since May of 2012 over 20,000 clients have gone through his online training and nutrition courses.

The growth of his business led to Pat being acknowledged by Facebook C.O.O. Sheryl Sandberg for his use of social media and being named one of Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur’s in 2014. Pat’s group have raised over €250,000 for local charities and recently built a primary school in Nepal.


He has now emerged as one of the countries top up and coming corporate speakers, coaches and trainers and is available for keynotes and training in the areas of mental and physical fitness as well as resilience and energy management.

Pat is now offering virtual packages:


-Resilience and Self Care in Times Of Uncertainty

-A New Approach to Stress and Energy Management

-Maintaining Motivation in Times Of Crisis

-Improved Communication with Self and Others

Cultivating Resilience 8 Week Program -3 Live Webinars (Start/Middle/End) sharing tools and strategies for cultivating and developing resilience.

We’d talk about journalling, meditation, structuring the day, managing stress, working from home and protecting energy and focus.

-Pat would include a practical workbook allowing you to implement the tools discussed on the call.

-Bonus Training, Nutrition and Meditation programs with follow along workouts and meditations as well as nutritional guidelines and cookbooks.

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