Ella McSweeney

Ella McSweeney

Ella McSweeney - Journalist & Reporter

Ella McSweeney is an Irish journalist and reporter holding a science (zoology) graduate from Trinity College, Dublin and a Masters in Food Policy from City University, London.

Book Ella McSweeneyShe works across radio, television and print for a variety of broadcasters and publications, including RTE, BBC, The Guardian and the Irish Times, amongst others. 

Ella has  presented a wide range of radio shows for RTE, including Shanks Mare, Documentary on One, Into the Deep, award-winning Mind Matters, Future Tense, Nature’s Web, The Green Light, Farm Week, Countrywide and has also guest-presented The Ryan Tubridy Show

For BBC, she has reported for and presented Farming Today, On Your Farm and The Food Programme on Radio 4, and documentaries on BBC World Service.

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Ella has presented RTE’s food and farming television series Ear to the Ground since 2009, and other series such as Big Week on the Farm, The Consumer Show and more recently, Open for Business.



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