Brass Monkeys

Brass Monkeys

Brass Monkeys

A High energy, Acoustic & Fun Roaming  Brass Band

The Brass Monkeys are a 6 piece urban brass band playing modern and classic songs all on brass. They really make the versions of the songs fun and they get the whole room pumped up. The show is up to 45 minutes long, and can also be split up into performances over a 2 hour timeframe.

The band are completely mobile, meaning the show starts the moment they enter the room, and if needed they can move the crowd from one area to another with great tunes keeping everyone dancing on route.

There are a variety of costumes and can change to fit the event.

The band are able to play acoustically, but if they are wirelessly mic’d up it will reinforce the sound and make the show more enjoyable. We recommend this option whenever possible. It is up to the client to provide PA and mic packs. We also recommend using show lights and having the band on stage in order to make the show more dramatic.

To book The Brass Monkeys  submit the enquiry form, mail us: or call 01 235 2570.

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