4 Tips for Online Event Ideas During Lockdown

Moving your cancelled event online? Here are some virtual event ideas to incorporate in your strategy.

With most of the world unable to gather together in person now is the time to forward plan for all the various possibilities and prepare for the new normal. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to keep your audience engaged. Open your event to delegates that cannot travel and move it online.

Here are four suggestions to take your event to the next level:

Interview an Industry Expert:

When not in the office and surrounded by like-minded people, employees can get a little unfocused. Members of staff may lose their edge or get hazy about their commitments. Why not have an industry expert on to conduct an interview? Have staff ask their own questions, or have authorities talk on topics that can re-energise your team and get people thinking in inventive ways.

Engage a Professional Host:

The menial day-to-day can have a detrimental impact on people who are forced to work from home. How about bringing on one of our celebrity hosts to liven up the online conference room? A new face or a well-known name is a great way to re-engage and interest staff.  One of our hosts can facilitate panel discussions or Q&A’s at the next virtual AGM or business meet-up, and bring back that lively office atmosphere.


Book a Motivational Speaker:

Any amount of time cooped up without family, friends, and colleagues will inevitably take a toll on wellbeing. Employee wellness is an investment that pays off in many ways and a great way to lighten spirits is to give your staff the opportunity to interact through conversation. A motivational speaker can inspire your audience with incredible stories of grace under pressure. Wellness speakers like Síle Seoige or Brent Pope can share insights on mental health strategies and coping mechanisms during these challenging times.

Oliver Callan

Entertain Staff and Clients:

Why not shake things up? Get a comedian to perform a set and entertain your stressed-out staff.  Comedians like Oliver Callan or Mario Rosenstock can record bespoke skits that will have your staff in stitches.  Or Joe Rooney aka Father Damo can host a hilarious Online Father Ted Quiz complete with a Dancing Priests Competition!  Keith Barry has put together a virtual and interactive mentalism show where he can read minds and predict thoughts across the Internet. 

At Carol & Associates we understand how times like these can make us all feel uncertain but there are plenty of ways that we can keep things on track and an inspiring motivational talk or a short burst of comic relief might be just the reset your company needs.

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