Celebrity Voiceover Artists

Bringing top celebrities and leading companies together to help businesses find the perfect voice-over for any project:


Do you need to cast a celebrity for a commercial voice-over? Give us a call. Looking for a trusted, recognizable, but anonymous announcer? We have just the voice for your ad.

For over 30 years, we have been carefully curating a roster of first-class celebrities and dynamic emcees with instantly recognizable voices. Whether you need that celebrity touch for an attention-grabbing advert or a compelling internal video, or the charm of a character to drive your brand’s message home, our well-known professional artists and performers have the reach and the range that you’re after.

Search through our impressive list of stars for comedians and hosts who can bring characters vividly to life, reassure audiences during public health campaigns, or simply deliver captivating content in a warm and friendly tone.

Past voice-over clients of ours include:  Aldi, Allianz, The Irish Heart Foundation, Skoda, and other household names.

Give your brand a voice-over in any style, accent, or dialect imaginable with a personality  from our winning team. When it comes to celebrity voice-over artists, we provide the best.

We can facilitate safe and speedy private access to a recording studio during the coronavirus outbreak.

We respond to all inquiries quickly and can deliver content within 48 hours.





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