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Joe Rooney Father Ted Quiz


Father Damo (aka comedian Joe Rooney) will host 5 Rounds of a Father Ted Quiz for your staff or friends.

This is a Father Ted interactive, improvised comedy show with a mixture of stand up, Father Ted trivia questions and live challenges.

There will be a visual round, an audio round and three rounds of trivia punctuated by a Lovely Girls Competition, a Dancing Priests Competition and a few songs including of course a rendition of My Lovely Horse.

The Father Ted show can be performed as a Zoom meeting. You score yourself and send answers in via chat.

He needs three volunteers for the Lovely Girls Competition (male or female) who make a sandwich which they will hold up to the camera to be judged.

Three volunteers for the Dancing Priests Competition will chat to Father Damo and are judged on their live dancing.

Prizes can be provided by the company hosting the event.

Joe Rooney is a renowned stand up comedian in his own right so the show will be punctuated with lots of impromptu gags and comic musical interludes.

The intensity he puts into his singing and character acting is on another level. His act rolls along smoothly and nothing felt forced…… an enjoyable romp with songs, great stand-up and excellent storytelling, full of gags.(Chortle 2019)

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