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Niall Breslin is a lot of things: a speaker, a teacher, a writer, a thought leader, podcast host, philanthropist, musician, athlete, polymath but most importantly – a seeker and speaker of truth.

Niall Breslin is one of Ireland’s most inspiring mental health advocates and public speakers. An active polymath, he is also a bestselling author, podcaster, musician, philanthropist, former professional athlete and founder of the charity A Lust For Life.

Niall’s personal experience has informed his journey to becoming a leading figure in mindfulness for individuals and organisations. He works alongside, and shares his expertise, with a diverse range of clients and audiences that include Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, EY, international NGOs, and The European Parliament.

Notable points

• ‘Me And My Mate Jeffrey,’ Niall’s best-selling autobiography, follows his journey through depression and anxiety.

• Best selling author of a picture book series that helps children face difficult emotions.

• Former professional rugby player representing Ireland and Leinster.

• Chart topping singer and songwriter with power-punk band The Blizzards.

Talk Option 1:

Niall Keynote Talk – How to Find Peace in the Chaos of the Modern World (45min Talk and 15min

Q&A – No slideshow) The Introduction piece will set the tone of the talk.Carol & Associates Ltd., 20-21 St Patrick’s Rd, Dalkey, Co. Dublin

The talk, although tackling a difficult subject, uses an irreverent and very human tone. The aim is to take the listener out of work mode and into a space where they feel empowered by another person’s vulnerability.

In order to achieve this, I use my own story as context. And throughout the first half of the talk I talk about my own journey and how my inability to deal with my own mental health struggles led to me sabotaging my relationships and careers.

This came to a moment of clarity where I had to make a decision to face these demons head on.

Most people’s rock bottom is the starting point of their fight back, it just so happened that my rock bottom came 15 minutes before a prime-time television show, The Voice.

This is the turning point in the talk, where I go on to explore how I found a way back to ultimately dealing with my own issues, but then returning to academia to find a way to help others deal with their struggles too.

For me the most important part of the talk is to make sure I leave the group leaving empowered and armed with some information that can help them better become guardians of their own minds, in the chaos of the modern world.

This is a simple five step positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness plan that they can build into their daily routines. Something that has helped me immeasurably.

I will explain in more detail in the talk but these are

(1) Limit exposure to toxic environments and people. Understand how to set boundaries to deal with this

(2) Say one life affirming thing about yourself just before you fall asleep each night

(3) Before you get out of bed in the morning, think of five things you have in your life that you are grateful for

(4) 30 mindful moments each day. Little glimpses of magic moments

(5) Develop a trait of non-judgment both towards yourself and others

Talk Option 2:

Niall Music and Mindfulness Talk (45min talk with slides and 15min Q&A)

Music and mindfulness have a very special alliance. In recent years we have all started to consume and listen to music in a far more passive way. Learning to mindfully listen to music can help us develop the skill of meditation and master our ability to manage our stress.

This talk will be about music and the brain. What happens when we listen or play music and why is it so powerful? The aim is to show how music and mindfulness have a very special alliance that we can tap into to help reduce our stress. The aim is to change our relationships to how we consume music to a much more mindful way rather than passive.

I will practically illustrate that by using isolated vocals from some of the biggest songs of all time.

Watch him in action here:

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