7 things to consider when choosing an MC/Host for your virtual event

At any event, whether it’s a Gala dinner, an awards night, or a conference, the MC will play a critical role in its success. 

Having a professional Host/MC or facilitator like Mary Kennedy or Marty Whelan can make the difference between having “just another event” and having an event that will be remembered for years to come.

The MC introduces speakers, makes announcements, and engages with the audience to keep the event moving as smoothly as possible. The MC takes on all of these responsibilities while holding the guests’ attention and keeping the event entertaining.Anton Savage

The level of preparation that is required to MC a conference is far higher than you might imagine. There are plenty of duties involved and a great number of practical aspects an MC needs to consider:

1.Timing. It is important to keep to the times given to keep your event running smoothly. A great MC such as Anton Savage will review the agenda for the event, plan minute-by-minute, and stay organised at all times. will also have transitions between speakers or award winners ready to keep the event flowing naturally.  By keeping in mind the time it takes guests to get on and off the stage, make introductions, give speeches and convey thank you’s, the MC will seamlessly bridge the various segments with polish and often humour. They have the experience to know when to liaise with you, the event organiser, with regards to flexibility during the event in order to keep it on schedule.

2.Greeting. A great MC like Oliver Callan will make the audience feel welcome and act as a friendly host on your behalf. Ideally, they have a good sense of humour and the ability to work a crowd. They are comfortable with public speaking and are prepared to improvise so that they can respond spontaneously to whatever may arise. 

3.Motivating. A good MC like Brendan Courtney or Shay Byrne will motivate participants and connect speakers to the audience. The MC will generate enthusiasm and keep the energy of the audience high, helping the audience to feel involved and informed. They command attention, bring the group to order when necessary, and inspire the audience to want to hear more. They explain the benefits to be gained from listening to a speaker or performer so that the audience is enthusiastically paying attention. An MC doesn’t just read off a document—they make introductions personal and relevant.

Marty Whelan4.Helping the speakers to feel appreciated. A great MC such as Síle Seoige should be able to make your good speakers look great! Your speakers will get a fitting introduction and an appropriate thank you.

5.Briefing the speaker thoroughly. All of the speakers will be professionally briefed.  An MC like Matt Cooper will carry out research, contact your key speakers to find out some background information on them, and use that information to prepare introductions for the speakers. This background research will help you compose introductions that sound more personal and genuine. They will also keep a firm yet diplomatic control on the speakers, particularly when it comes to timing. 

6.Dealing with issues and unexpected problems. Can your MC manage unexpected incidents with aplomb to ensure that your event runs smoothly?  Keeping control of the event by being ready to smooth over any distractions or mishaps to keep the mood light is an excellent attribute in any MC like Barry Murphy or Anne Doyle. The key to being a good MC is to keep control of the event no matter what happens.

Mary Kennedy

7.Keeping the event on schedule no matter what happens. The role of the MC is to make themes,transitions, and event logistics look seamless, while you sit back and enjoy the program you have planned.They ensure everyone knows what is happening.  They entertain, inform, introduce, and communicate important conference messages to a focused audience.  A good MC like Ivan Yates will apply particular key principles to virtually every event. 

Now that you have chosen the perfect MC you can relax knowing that your event will be managed professionally.  Whether it is to be light hearted, thought provoking, or much more serious in nature, the MC will set the tone for the proceedings and let your audience know what to expect. 

Grainne MacAnthony

No matter how big or small the occasion, having a professional MC or facilitator allows you to focus on what you do best during your event, knowing that everything is in safe hands. 

So, feel free to browse our roster of great MCs/Hosts Get it ticked off your list then just sit back, relax and enjoy the big night.


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