5 Traits of a Great conference Keynote Speaker

Choosing the perfect Motivational Speaker for your conference or meeting can make or break the event. With a great speaker there’s an immediate connection, a stage presence, an energy which captivates and pleases everyone.  There are five traits that ensure that the speaker you choose will make a forceful impact:

  1. A good sense of humour. Great keynote speakers
    Gerry Duffy

    Gerry Duffy Marathon Runner inspiring an audience

    who are naturally charismatic entertain as well as inform. The value of entertainment is priceless and having a dynamic attention-grabbing communicator with presence and eloquence helps audience members let their guard down, making them more receptive to the deeper message being delivered.  Brent Pope is a speaker who loves to make an audience laugh!
  2. An understanding of their target audience. Skilled presenters speak from their listeners’ perspective and create content relevant to the theme of the conference. They deliver talks with messages that matter to their audiences after having judged what stays in and what’s left out.  A good speaker will also work closely with organizers to make sure their message has a singular and clear focus.  All of our speakers like Bobby Kerr insist on meeting the client during the weeks leading up to the event so they gather as much information to add to his material for the event.
  3. Great storytelling skills. Stories can be key to delivering a compelling presentation that excites, uplifts, and truly engages listeners.  A speaker adept at storytelling will personalize the theme of the event with interesting experiences, stories, and anecdotes that show their passion for their subject.  They tap into their social qualities in an accessible, engaging, and unique way, and they connect with their audiences on a personal level while revealing their own authentic selves.  Brian O’Driscoll has some wonderful stories to tell via Q&A or interview style presentations.
  4. The ability to condense a message into a call to action. Effective communicators leave audiences with methods by which to incorporate a talk’s content into their personal or business lives.  Inspiring motivational talks tend to leave people with something tangible that they can apply right away. They move their audiences in ways that reach beyond success in business and at work. They have a talent for convincing audiences to participate—and for getting them to improve upon their weaknesses. Marathon Man Gerry Duffy‘s  presentation is individually tailored so that those attending are left with strategies to reach their particular goals.
  5. Authenticity and openness.  The best speakers inspire their audiences by sharing information openly, honestly, and generously. They are comfortable revealing everything and holding nothing back. Openness when speaking is particularly important, as it builds trust and promotes confidence. Great speakers, by being their best selves on stage, help their listeners to become their best selves too.  Debra Searle shares the story of her remarkable row across the Atlantic following her former husband’s premature departure from their small wooden boat with searing honesty.
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