5 Big Ideas for Small Events

A successful event doesn’t have to be a large-scale affair. Here are five ideas that will entertain a smaller crowd:

Fergus Nolan:

Pianist Fergus Nolan impresses and captivates audiences with his vocal range and piano/keyboard playing ability. Regardless of the venue and occasion, it is a unique opportunity for a client when they choose to book Fergus.  A perfect choice for small events or weddings.  Enquire here.


Sean Boland:

Sean performs live to professional backing tracks and entertains with smooth, easy-listening classics from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Michael Bublé and many more, always at a non-intrusive level which allows people to tune in and out as they wish, to tap their feet or sway along with the music, often without realising they are doing so! Always dressed in blacktie formal wear and using a vintage style microphone, Sean Boland will make your small event special.  Enquire here.


Jack Wise:

Magician, ventriloquist, pick pocket and sword swallower, Jack Wise is one of Ireland’s leading entertainers. Specialising in a unique combination of comedy and magic, Jack will have you on the edge of your seat & trying not to fall off laughing. Jack’s brand of entertainment is fun, clever and, of course, daring! Great for small corporate events and weddings, you’ll hear the applause and belly laughs across the room!  Enquire here.


Gino The Singing Chef:

Gino the Singing Chef, makes his entrance towards the end of the meal (usually at dessert time) and will be called into the room by the hotel manager to receive a parting gift of a bottle of champagne. Gino is returning home to Italy to get married for the 3rd time, but is persuaded to sing a song before he leaves.  Astounded guests demand an encore leading to 25/30 minutes of stunning singing, comedy and even audience participation. Gino will work carefully with the event organisers to ensure that the performance is both unique and personal, and ‘targets’ can be singled out in advance for some ‘special treatment’!  Enquire here.



Mark Wilde:

As one of the most sought-after saxophonists and clarinetists in Dublin, Mark Wilde has performed in many of Ireland’s leading concert halls and venues.  Your Wedding  Mark’s versatile and soulful saxophone playing will add that extra touch of magic to help create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests on your Special day. Drinks Reception – Solo Saxophone  Performing solo with professional quality backing tracks to set a warm and relaxing ambience for your guests as they arrive at your drinks reception.



Events can still happen, just on a smaller scale. It is easier to work with smaller groups but you still need to get creative. Remember this is only a selection of the acts we offer – we have comedians, virtual offerings, speakers and celebrity MCs and hosts. You can check out our full roster on our website.


Do you need more information? Have a question or query? Call us on Tel: 01 235 2570 Or email us: info@carolandassociates.com 

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